Shipping Policy

Shipping policy: Caitie is happy to be shipped as you please, and welcomes being your problematic fav.

Alright, that was a joke. More seriously: Most of products here are printed on-demand, which means they will be printed at and shipped from your nearest fulfilment centre. I do this to keep postage costs as low as possible, and shipping times as fast as possible. We use a variety of global partners to do this, and there will usually be a fulfilment centre near you -- check your order updates for tracking info.

Some limited products may ship directly from the UK, especially as I have a keen interest in supporting local sellers. These products will be marked in their description whenever possible.

If you have a shipping enquiry, feel free to contact us.

Please be patient with our shipping times, especially given current world events.


Catgirl Nation is a small, independent art shop. We print most of our products to-order, and do not keep bulk stock. Though they are usually much faster, it can take 24 - 72 hours for our printing partners to create your bespoke art piece, and then it has to be shipped to you.

Because of this, please do not use us for last-minute orders on tight timescales. I'm a small creator (just a lil' gal, just a kitten) and cannot accomodate rush orders or rush bulk orders, sorry!