Labrador Rainbow Keychain


- 2.5in
- Rainbow Acrylic Charm (different colours depending on the lighting)
- Double-sided, with a different design on the back!
- Epoxy dome on one side.
- The acrylic is fully recyclable!

ā—ļø Charms ship with a clear, scratch-preventing film on the flat side (the side without the rounded epoxy dome). If that side of the charm appears cloudy, dusty, scratched, or bubbly this is why - you can keep it on for protection or choose to peel if off for brighter colours.

Can I order this for global shipping?
Yeah, you absolutely can, I'd love that! It will be shipped from Scotland so shipping may take longer than our globally stocked items, but I'll get it to you safely. šŸ’œ

Produced in Yiwu, East China, and shipped from Scotland.