CaitieSith Vinyl Stickers | UK Shipping

£4.00 - £15.00

The stickers are HERE!

The size on this listing is 4″ (10cm), a fairly large sticker well suited to cars rear windows and A5 or A4 notebooks.

These CaitieSith stickers are printed on high quality white vinyl with a gloss finish. These aren’t your paper stickers like in your Pokémon sticker annual — these hard-wearing vinyl stickers use a clear permanent acrylic adhesive, with residue-free removal meaning you can remove and reuse them. The ink is weatherproof and UV stable, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

(The price shown is for one sticker only in your selected design, unless you choose the ‘all five designs’ option.)

Four Set: Limited Set - Cat Coin, Tea, Knife and Purple Heart

You can use them for all sorts, but here are my favourite uses:

• Covering up anti-vaxxer propaganda stickers! (This one's my favourite.)
• Decorating your laptop
• Jazzing up flasks and thermoses
• Making tablet/phone/PC cases/bedroom doors/computer desks more interesting
• Decorating your folders and ring-binders, planners, notebooks, whiteboards, or sketchbook covers.
• Adding a bit of colour to your glasses case, pill organisers or plant pots.
• Decorating glass doors so your dog doesn’t run into them or birds don’t hit them (yes, I’ve done this)
• Displaying on your car rear window
• Keeping in a nice organised pile because you want to save them to use on a REALLY GOOD thing but you’re not entirely sure what that thing is yet


• These stickers are produced entirely within the UK, with the stickers being printed in England and then shipped to Scotland for catgirl quality testing before being shipped on to you. This item supports UK small businesses!
• Shipping is also done from the UK!
• The art for the original emotes was by Mayuuzu, with the sticker art and pride versions by CaitieSith. The ‘Favs’ sticker group contains both favourites chosen by Caitie, and favourites voted for by the CaitieSith Discord community.
• We have a separate item listing for ‘global’ stickers, which may be a quicker route for international customers as it will be printed near you and shipped to you by the printer. But hey, if you want to pre-order the UK supply, shipping internationally should remain reasonably priced. <3

Wipe clean only.

These stickers can be reused, but I'd recommend heating up the sticker beforehand (with a hairdryer or heat gun, if you can safely do so) to reactive the glue to avoid leaving residue -- removing it without this step tends to leave residue.

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